Supercharge Your Professional Learning Course Community

Build on concepts from the book Supercharge; gain new insights, templates & guidance to apply strategies in your context.

Build on the concepts and strategies presented in Supercharge Your Professional Learning and gain new insights, guidance, and practice to apply the ideas in your context. Engage in six weeks of live sessions with author, Nicole Tucker-Smith. During the course and for an entire year, you’ll have access to weekly office hours to get feedback and jointly problem solve PD challenges. Strategies shared will include distance and in-person professional learning options. Looking to work smarter, not harder? Get professionally-designed templates that you can download, customize, and print or insert into your PD to put these interactive strategies into action. And bonus – registration includes a signed copy of the book!

With a compelling health-and-wellness analogy, this course will provide concepts and tips for PD that refuels rather than fatigues. Together, we’ll explore ways of designing effective professional development and removing barriers to adult learning, especially during high-stress times. You’re not just taking a course; you’re gaining a community.


  • Six weeks of live sessions with author, Nicole Tucker-Smith
  • Professionally-designed templates that you can download, customize, and print or insert into your PD to put these interactive strategies into action
  • Access weekly office hours (for an entire year) to get feedback and jointly problem solve PD challenges
  • Engage with a community of PD leaders and exchange ideas and experiences
  • Registration includes a signed copy of the book, Supercharge Your Professional Learning
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Remote PD Zen

Effectively providing distance professional learning has become critical in supporting teachers as they navigate new challenges.

This course offers key concepts, structures, and templates to help PD leaders design remote professional learning experiences that inspire, inform, and achieve meaningful results.

This is an asynchronous two-week class with five mini-assignments per week. Each week you apply strategies to optimize the design of your upcoming PD experiences. In addition to the recorded sessions and templates, course facilitator, Nicole Tucker-Smith, offers office hours to answer questions and provide actionable feedback.

You’ll access examples and templates beyond the Remote PD Zen ePub. Our goal is to help you help fellow educators by designing distance professional learning experiences that offer transformational results.


  • Learn and apply concepts for optimizing distance professional learning
  • Access strategies and templates to support your design of remote PD opportunities
  • Get feedback on your upcoming PD designs
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Seeing UDL Through an Equity Lens Toolkit

The Seeing UDL Through an Equity Lens Toolkit is designed for educators who want to deepen their understanding of how the Universal Design for Learning approach can support designing more equitable learning environments and experiences for all learners. Explore each of the 9 UDL Guidelines through an equity lens.  


  • Explore the intersections of Universal Design for Learning, Equity, and Antiracism
  • View videos, websites, books, and articles that deepen understanding of how the UDL approach can support more equitable outcomes
  • Support PLCs and action research with the Seeing UDL Through an Equity Lens Framework
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The UDL Implementation Group

The UDL Implementation Group is a free community of practice for educators who plan and/or lead professional development to support UDL Implementation.

Membership includes general access to the Jumpstart PD Network for equity-minded educators, participation in a group focused on leading implementation, and access to the UDL Implementation Resource Library.

The UDL Implementation Resource Library is designed to provide access to handouts, articles, videos, and materials that may be useful as you lead PD and professional growth opportunities to support UDL implementation. The content provided focuses on materials to support the introduction of UDL, classroom application, and leadership development.


  • Connect with like-minded educators to see how other schools and districts are implementing UDL.
  • Reflect and ask questions as they plan PD opportunities in their setting.
  • Get tools and strategies that will help teachers feel that implementing UDL is doable and beneficial for reaching all learners.
  • Learn about turn-key PD activities to incorporate into faculty meetings to keep UDL top of mind and maintain momentum
  • Access the UDL Implementation Resource Library to check out relevant, just-in-time materials.
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Founder Nicole Tucker-Smith has extensive experience supporting schools and districts in designing and implementing multi-year initiatives focused on UDL and equity. Contact us to see how we might be able to support your community.