Designing for Equity

Lessoncast applies an educational equity framework grounded in neuroscience, culturally sustaining pedagogy, and social justice. We help educators design more equitable learning environments by dismantling individual and systemic barriers and building learning opportunities free from limits.

The Lessoncast Designing for Equity Framework

Our Designing for Equity professional learning applies a framework that builds on Universal Design for Learning through an equity lens. We help educators consider engagement with an equity mindset, representation from diverse perspectives, and action and expression with respect to power and voice.

Nicole was dynamic and professional, starting the session with energy and setting norms and expectations early on. The information she delivered was clear, concise and relevant. Her visuals and instructional techniques are based on adult learning theory and they are interactive and engaging.
Director, Nevada County Superintendent of Schools

Keynote Speakers

Our keynote speakers enlighten and inspire educators to reflect on individual and systemic practices, confront inequitable outcomes, and remove barriers to equity. We’ll connect a compelling message to your context and community.

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Districtwide Summits

We’ll bring a full-service professional learning conference to your district or organization. With a dynamic keynote speaker and engaging breakout sessions, participants access differentiated learning opportunities. Topics are tailored to meet the needs of the community. Content may include sessions such as: Reflective practices to operate with an equity mindset, Diverse perspectives in curriculum to build intellective capacity, Equitable assessment practices to foster student self-efficacy.

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When teachers can actually see what other people are doing right next door to them - dealing with the same population and the same kinds of struggles and issues, it helps them to have the resources right there.

Guiding Workshops

Our workshops help learning communities apply the Designing for Equity Framework, which is grounded in neuroscience and culturally sustaining pedagogy. In these workshops, participants define areas of inequity, dismantle barriers to equitable outcomes, and design learning environments and experiences where all learners are welcomed, honored, and empowered.

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Yearlong Communities of Practice

Achieving educational equity not only requires urgency but also endurance. The yearlong community of practice option includes access to an online group, exclusive to your school or district; tailored PD sessions aligned with the Designing for Equity Framework; and community collaboration and sharing of best practices.

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Seeing UDL Through an Equity Lens Toolkit

The free Seeing UDL Through an Equity Lens Toolkit is designed for educators who want to deepen their understanding of how the Universal Design for Learning approach can support designing more equitable learning environments and experiences for all learners. Explore each of the 9 UDL Guidelines through an equity lens.

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Founder Nicole Tucker-Smith has extensive experience supporting schools and districts in designing and implementing multi-year initiatives focused on UDL and equity. Contact us to see how we might be able to support your community.